Emma Chamberlain is telling you to read more. Listen to her.

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If someone came up to me and told me that a 19-year-old fashion-slash-beauty-slash-lifestyle YouTuber had released a video all about the benefits of reading, I probably wouldn’t believe them. But that’s Emma Chamberlain for you. Queen.

In one of her latest YouTube videos very appropriately titled ‘Reading Makes You Hot’, Emma talks about how incorporating reading into her daily routine has massively helped her with her anxiety. She didn’t talk about it for 3 minutes as part of a brand deal to make some extra money, she didn’t mention it in passing, and she surely didn’t do it to gain…

Cover designs by Matt Broughton

Vintage Vonnegut series

If I had the time and energy to go around the streets of London shouting from the top of my lungs about how great Kurt Vonnegut is, I probably would. I don’t have the time and energy to do that, and I doubt people would listen to me, but that’s besides the point. The point is that Kurt Vonnegut is one of the most celebrated American authors with an incredible talent of incorporating satire, fantasy, and science fiction into his novels.

If some sort of mandatory universal reading list were to exist, I would put my name on the line…

Cover design by Deco Farkas

Animal Farm by George Orwell (Brazilian Edition)

I could probably go on for days talking about Animal Farm and how significant of a classic it is for the world of literature, but you probably know all that by now. What I have to say about it is this; seeing new covers being made for releases of classic books is probably one of the most exciting things for me in publishing because they always bring something new and often something incredibly valuable to the table.

This vibrant and colourful cover for this book caught my attention as it offered a fresh twist to a very traditional classic that…

Cover design by Deco Farkas

Time Out of Joint by Philip K. Dick

What was your inspiration for this cover design? Where did your ideas come from?

This book is all about a family and kids that go to a shed at the back of the house and they build this amateur radio out of scrap pieces if I’m not mistaken. This idea of the old vintage radio is what inspired me the most. I was influenced by the old machinery pieces and aesthetic of old vintage radios. I thought these elements could translate well in a book cover.

Does the fact that this is a dystopian science fiction novel influence your work…

Cover design by Pete Adlington

In Miniature by Andrew Garfield

In Miniature: How Small Things Illuminate the World is a nonfiction book written by Simon Garfield and published by Canongate. Simon is the award-winning author of a range of nonfiction bestsellers including Mauve, Just My Type and On The Map.

Simon Garfield writes books that shine a light on aspects of the everyday world in order to reveal the charms and eccentricities hiding in plain sight around us. After beguiling fans with books about everything from typography to time, from historic maps to the colour mauve, he’s found his most delightful topic yet: miniatures. …

Cover design by Pete Adlington

The Lonely City by Olivia Laing

The Lonely City is a memoir/nonfiction book written by Olivia Laing and published by Canongate. In her writing, Olivia questions: What does it mean to be lonely? How do we live, if we’re not intimately engaged with another human being? How do we connect with other people? Does technology draw us closer together or trap us behind screens?

When Olivia Laing moved to New York City in her mid-thirties, she found herself inhabiting loneliness on a daily basis. Increasingly fascinated by this most shameful of experiences, she began to explore the lonely city by way of art. Moving fluidly between…

Cover design by Jason Ascomb

The Fell by Robert Jenkins

The Fell is an indie coming of age novel written by Robert Jenkins and published by RedDoor Press. Odds are you probably haven’t heard of this book. It was published by a relatively small publishing house, written by a relatively unknown author, and it features a relatively questionable and unstable narrator. And yet, I consider this book to be one of the best hidden gems in contemporary coming-of-age fiction novels. This intro will probably be longer than usual, so bear with me.

Growing up surrounded by books, I was often faced with the daunting question of what my favourite one…

How I got over my ‘fear’ of audiobooks and why it paid off

Image: Unsplash

I’ll start this by saying that I am fully aware I’m very late to the game, but here we are. Audiobooks have been around for some time now, with publishers investing more and more time, money and effort into it. In 2019, audiobook sales increased by 43% and generated £69 million for the industry.

At the end of 2019, Deloitte predicted that the audiobook market would grow by 25% in 2020 to amass a total of £2.6 billion. …

Or, a not-so-subtle critique of the irrational social rules that we’re forced to blindly accept

Image credit: Granta Books

‘Earthlings’ is Sayaka Murata’s second novel to be published in the UK after ‘Convenience Store Woman’ was received with critical acclaim in 2018. It is narrated by Natsuki as both a child and an adult who struggles to understand basic social constructs and the unspoken ‘rules of life’. …

Image credit: Universal Pictures

Day 38 of lockdown and here I am talking about a movie about people stuck in a room, how oddly appropriate. This was entirely coincidental. But when you think about it, what better way to reminisce about hanging out with your friends than watching a movie about ‘friends’ hanging out?

The Breakfast Club falls under the often-overlooked genre of ensemble films because it follows a handful of characters instead of one protagonist. The benefit of this? It allows for a very authentic portrayal of a friendship group. The downside? A handful of cynical people might see it as nothing more…

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