How I got over my ‘fear’ of audiobooks and why it paid off

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I’ll start this by saying that I am fully aware I’m very late to the game, but here we are. Audiobooks have been around for some time now, with publishers investing more and more time, money and effort into it. In 2019, audiobook sales increased by 43% and generated £69 million for the industry.

At the end of 2019, Deloitte predicted that the audiobook market would grow by 25% in 2020 to amass a total of £2.6 billion. …

Or, a not-so-subtle critique of the irrational social rules that we’re forced to blindly accept

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‘Earthlings’ is Sayaka Murata’s second novel to be published in the UK after ‘Convenience Store Woman’ was received with critical acclaim in 2018. It is narrated by Natsuki as both a child and an adult who struggles to understand basic social constructs and the unspoken ‘rules of life’. …

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Day 38 of lockdown and here I am talking about a movie about people stuck in a room, how oddly appropriate. This was entirely coincidental. But when you think about it, what better way to reminisce about hanging out with your friends than watching a movie about ‘friends’ hanging out?

The Breakfast Club falls under the often-overlooked genre of ensemble films because it follows a handful of characters instead of one protagonist. The benefit of this? It allows for a very authentic portrayal of a friendship group. The downside? A handful of cynical people might see it as nothing more…

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As I was halfway through writing this article, I found myself questioning whether this will be the first time I finally admit to myself that the phrase ‘the book is always better’ is flawed. I have always been a big believer that the original version of any story in the textual format that it was first intended to be in could never be beaten by any sort of adaptation. And I still stand by the idea that that is true almost 99 per cent of the time, but maybe Orwell’s most critically acclaimed novels fall into that 1 per cent.

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The fact that Nickelback is somewhat of a meme has become common knowledge over the last few years. Somehow, the internet has collective agreed at one point that Nickelback has become laughingstock in the industry, and the same can be applied to those who like his music. At this point, there seems to be only two kinds of people in the world; those who unapologetically enjoy listening to Nickelback and those that fuel the collective hatred towards him. For the purposes of a non-biased article, I won’t disclose which side I stand on.

While listening to his music and following…

And the award goes to… the patriarchy

Warner Bros.

Awards season for the film and television industry kicks off on January 5th with the Golden Globes and comes to a close on February 10th with the 92nd Academy Awards. During that month, smaller scale awards shows such as The Critic’s Choice Awards and the BAFTA’s will take place, stirring up momentum for the big Oscar night.

The 1st Academy Award was broadcast back in 1929 and since then it has praised many outstanding pieces such as All About Eve, La La Land and Titanic (all of which received a record number of…

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Nathan Hussain is a graphic artist based in the North East of England who specialises in uplifting and emotive collages. His designs are unique in the sense that they juxtapose uplifting typography with surreal images under a very soothing colour palette. In a recent interview with Forbes magazine he explained that he has always been obsessed with the aesthetic of day to day life and that clearly translates in his work.

His career has had a huge boost in the past few years with the growing success of his Instagram page @AnalogbyNat which now has over 65,000 followers. The fact…

In recent years, millennials have shown an increasing interest in tabletop games. So much so that the global board game market is predicted to be worth more than £9 billion by 2023. The millennial generation is constantly searching for escapism and instant gratification, and spending a night playing board games and sinking someone’s battleship on a first hit provides just that.

Playing board games can be quite a nostalgic experience especially considering that millennials will have grown up alongside quite a few emblematic titles such as Cluedo and Operation. Revisiting these memories by playing classic games or even trying out…

Short Film Review: Run Out

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Run Out follows a (not so) typical businessman as he wakes up one day and decides to quit his dead-end job that has been holding him back. His loneliness and sense of despair are quite visible and we’re able to connect with his desires and goals from the very beginning. Although the film is clearly set in Brighton, it manages to create a very fabricated and dreamlike (at times nightmare-like) world through its heavily stylised cinematographic style, which immediately draws the audience into the world of the character.

The filmmaker makes a very bold statement…

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Little Chief tells the story of an exhausted yet resilient schoolteacher, Sharon, as she faces the everyday struggles of dealing with her students, some of which are fighting battles of their own. Although the premise of centring a story around a struggling teacher is not necessarily ground-breaking, Little Chief manages to explore this in refreshing ways as Sharon’s lack of empathy towards her students ironically makes us sympathise with her even more. From the very beginning we can see that she is a three-dimensional character through her detached yet assertive actions and, of course, her ‘warriors respect women’ tote bag.

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